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Here are a few testimonials of the quality and usability of Laserbuzz Templates.

Hi Tom,

Just a quick note ~ just finished reading your ten part “Success Tactics in the Laser Business” ~ very informative! Thank you for sharing!

Recently, I donated some old towels to a local doggie day care business in my city. While we were talking, the owner said I looked familiar, and then she remembered me from a local craft show ~ long story short, now that I have your software we are planning to start selling ornaments, wall tributes, etc at her business location.

My web site has always been busy (due to my custom cribbage boards), and I’m always looking for new ideas to expand my business using my Epilog Laser machine ~ Now that I’ve found your company, I feel I will be using my laser machine more ~ your design products will sell very nicely in my area and on my web site.

Thanks for all the great ideas! Looking forward to purchasing more software from your company!

Ginny Sprague, Gifts By Ginny,

Hi Tom-

Wayne had been trying to find work for quite sometime, but he was “overqualified”. Checking out several business opportunities, he chose buying an Epilog laser. For the first six months, he went to Chamber meetings, and Business meetings trying to drum up business. I was working in a call center.

Then, Wayne heard you speak. He was fascinated with the product, and your presentation. He bought a few packages to “try out”. He told me about the Military tributes, and the dog tributes. I was like, “Military? Dogs? Why would anyone want tributes like that?”

Needless to say, I no longer question his judgment, or yours (lol). This is the best investment, by far, that we have made for the laser! We’ve added several packages and toy kits to our inventory. We need at least a 10 x 20′ tent to show what we now carry. We have a website, and have met some of the most incredible people!

Your tributes allowed me to quit my job, we were able to buy a small RV, travel to several shows a year (with our pets!) and we work together daily (we still like each other Winking smile). I can tell you that I have tried to design some dogs to add to our inventory, and I so respect the work that you do! It’s harder than you make it look!

Please know Tom, that your products have enriched our lives, and we really appreciate you! As soon as we are able to sell our home (or rent it out) we want to “hit the road” and travel to several different shows. We definitely want to add more of your Tributes and Toy Kits to our product line.

We are proud of the work we do, and hope that you believe your product is well represented.

Have a awesome day!


Lori & Wayne,