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Research confirms that most Laser owners have numerous unwanted hours of idle time with their equipment investment. The life of a Laser tube age’s based on static hours. (The life of the Laser tube depletes – even while not in use). When you utilize our design template software, a $10,000 Laser System can pay for itself in less than 300 units of our Wall Tributes. Our software helps transform equipment idle time, into high dollar profit!
The retail price for a Wall Tribute (Personalized) is $35.00. Wholesale price for a Wall Tribute is $17.50. (Please reference Product Pricing on the installation CD).
Wall Tributes have a raw material cost of approximately $1.50. This $1.50 material cost includes the wood, paint, stain and glue. These supplies are readily available from your local hardware and superstores. (Quantity purchasing of raw materials will improve your cost). Personalized Wall Tribute Suggested Retail: $35.00 Material Cost: $1.50 Profit: $33.50 BREAKDOWN 300 Wall Tributes (Personalized) multiplied by $33.50 per unit = $10,050.00 profit
Festivals, Schools, Sport Teams, Military Bases, and Retail Stores are a few possible locations for these unique products. And with the added ease of personalizing each design, the only limit is your imagination! Don’t forget the wholesale market; your material cost is only a $1.50! (We’ve included: “Where to Sell” Retail and Wholesale Marketing Locations)
Absolutely, 70% of most peoples production is personalized. Personalization adds value to the sale of these products. You can also demand a higher retail price with personalization, which translates to higher profits since your material costs do not change.
The power rating of your Laser System will impact this. A 50 watt Laser System will cut a Wall Tribute in 8 to 10 minutes.
We have successfully tested our designs on a 25 watt Laser to insure quality assurance. Higher wattage and air assist improves productivity.
We recommend a Laser between 35 to 60 watts, unless you have a specific use, anything larger is not necessary. Air assist and a vector table are highly recommended.
Each design package includes many different Ready-To-Cut Design Templates that will allow you to produce high profit products. There are several different software packages: Wall Tributes, Wall Tribute Clocks, Desk-Tops, Desk-Top Clocks, Picture Frames, and Ornaments. The installation CD includes a How-To video, information on packaging, a customizable order form for your business, etc.. We also include a second (complimentary) CD that has pictures and PDF files to help you build a catalog or web site.
We originally created all LaserBuzz products in a 3D format which sold at over $20.00 Retail – the size is approximately 12” in diameter. In today’s economy you need products at different price points so we created the same designs in 1D format – suggested retail under $20.00. When you buy one of our product packages for 3D you will get a Video detailing how to create your new product line, with shims, background cuts, order forms, etc. to make products at this price point. The 1D package comes with a completely different video, shims, stands, etc. to make that price point of products. Some prefer to buy one 3D package and the others in a 1D format then cross them over to make all the price points. You do not have to buy 1D & 3D of the same designs unless you prefer to have the conversions done for you. I can tell you Military sells best in a 3D format and Dogs sell best in a 1D format from feedback we have received.
Yes, we have developed many custom designs portraying Sport Teams, Tourist Locations, and Special Design requests. Design costs may vary depending on the detail and complexity of the design. To request a specific design template call us at 1-888-287-7535 or contact us by e-mail at
We currently have many different design packages and we are continually adding new designs. We encourage you to keep checking back with us, you can also review most of our designs online at: If you need a specific design that does not appear on our website you can call us at 1-888-287-7535 or contact us by e-mail at
We have added over 30 new design templates in just the last 3 months. We are currently working on additional exciting designs. We encourage you to contact us with any of your design ideas at Or check out our store at   14. What type of wood are these products made from?:: Russian Baltic Birch 1/8” (3mil). The wood comes in 5’ X 5’ sheets. Every state has a lumber wholesaler (usually several) contact them to see where they supply the Russian Baltic Birch. Not found at the big box stores like Home Depot or Lowes. If you know where a cabinet maker or finish carpenter gets their supplies they will mostly likely carry this plywood.
Yes, we can help you purchase the most reliable and best priced clocks. We only carry American made clock mechanisms.
We have found the cheapest place to buy the paint is Wal Mart. We suggest ColorPlace Gloss Black, a can is currently .96 cents. The stain can also be purchased from a leading superstore, we recommend MINWAX Golden Oak 210B and Early American 230. The other colors we recommend is Golden Pecan and Red Mahogany. Experiment with colors to see what sells best for you.
Each design package includes a Step-by-Step Instructional DVD video on how to assemble, package, and personalize these unique products.
All the company or product logos included in this collection are the Trademarks or registered Trademarks of their respective companies, and are provided as a convenience only for their lawful use. Address inquires to the specific company or Trademark holder for restrictions or conditions for use. Purchaser shall obtain prior authorization from the appropriate company prior to the use of any logo included in this collection. LaserBuzz Product Software, its parent, or affiliated companies, assume no responsibility with respect to the lawful or unlawful use of these logos. We reserve the right to legally pursue and prosecute any users of pirated LaserBuzz design software that has been illegally reproduced, copied and/or re-sold. (The finished products are traceable, unlike other software).